Turning minutiae into substance


As my journey as a content (cough, cough…meaningless twaddle) creator evolves, I am reminded of some of the internet age’s most enduring success stories. Some can surely light a path to our creative and commercial evolution, if only we are willing to humble ourselves to their lessons, right?

One such legend is that of Kyle McDonald of One Red Paperclip fame. For the uninitiated, Kyle became an online sensation when he traded a red paperclip on Craigslist for a pen. Through the next fourteen trading transactions he received successively more valuable items. …

Who were true to the art form

That blues music was lifted from black artists by their white counterparts often without compensation or credit is widely acknowledged by music historians. Still, without its adoption by white artists, the art form may never have gained the currency it enjoys today. Blues festivals ae among the biggest, most successful and well attended concert events in many North American locales.

Artists have always borrowed ideas from one another. Sampling in Hip-Hop is a modern day example. One reason for the blues’ longevity and continued popularity is the reverence with which it was treated by white artists who introduced it white…

Establishing trust between two parties

hearts and hands coming together
hearts and hands coming together

So you’ve found a source of funding that would help your organization perform a much needed public service. One that could have lasting social impact with an application deadline far enough into the future to allow you to craft a quality proposal. Your work is just beginning and it’s not just the work of grant writing.

Does the decision to proceed with this project reside with you or your superiors? If you need organizational buy in, seek and secure it. …

Musings for Medium

As an avid football fan, I am a member of several NFL team message boards. These websites offer a great way for fans to stay in touch, share news and generate fan support for their team all year round. If you want to know how strong a hold sports has on the popular imagination, visit a professional sports team message board.

There, fans discuss their team’s personnel and organizational moves in players, coaches and management. They share tail gating locations and info on team friendly bars for fans travelling to away games. Overseas fans get to feel…


A visitation

Your cameo in my dream was a welcome surprise

we shared affection like old friends, taking each others hand

your black nail polish was very “you” without being too goth

Musing openly at the miracle of our children and parenthood

you hovered over me ethereally

so that I could see the bottoms of your shoes

Stuck to them were flyers and business cards

with the names and addresses of places

attesting to the stops on your journey

like so many luggage stickers

As we spoke, I felt the heaviness of your earthly travails

but mostly I felt your nearness


Leads to an online crime of passion

When we write about free stock photo websites, we usually talk about overused images like the ones we’ve seen too often on Unsplash. But surfing other free photo websites, like Pexels (with whom I have no commercial ties), has its rewards.

We all have had the experience of a song or commercial jingle that we can’t get out of our head. I am having this phenomenon with a photograph on Pexels by Isabella Mendes.

When I’m online or crafting my next Medium article, I find myself returning to her. You see, she is not to be ignored. …


And other cross border shenanigans

Civil War veterans
Civil War veterans

Civil War history enthusiasts state that more than 40,000 Canadian combatants fought in the “War Between the States”. Military experts believe it was more like half that number. Some 5000 Canadians are known to have perished in battle. Twenty nine Canadian born soldiers received the Congressional Medal of Honor for their contributions to the Union war effort. The composer of the Canadian national anthem, Calixa Lavallée, fought for the Union in the 4th Rhode Island infantry regiment.

Most Canadian Civil War combatants fought for the Union but as many as a thousand volunteered for the Confederacy. As Canada was part…


Or is it something more?

If you haven’t read Larry Cornet’s How the Creator Economy Is Taking over the World, add it to your reading list. It’s the best macroeconomic survey of the creator economy I’ve seen yet. It provides a comprehensive overview of the platforms that make up the creator’s galaxy, peppered with enough Horatio Alger stories to whet your entrepreneurial hunger.

As I read it, my mind raced. I felt it challenging me to up my game, think bigger and embrace this new universe. There is a beautiful logic to it that provides an elegant counterbalance to a…

Now with discounted subscription rates

Magazine Rack
Magazine Rack

Post Weird Survival Guide

If you’re coming out of a seeking phase where you were experimenting with your sexual identity, dressing in goth or blotting out entire years in a haze of drugs and booze, you’ve come to the right place. Your transition to normalcy starts here. Give your hands a few minutes to stop shaking before you type.

Change Your Underwear, Change Your Life

You don’t have to be a copywriter for an undergarment company to enjoy this one. Sometimes the little things in life like clean ginch against your privates deserves its own twelve minute read. …

Stuart Grant

disparate parts coalescing toward a greater meaning in the pursuit of a fully realized life

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