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Civil War veterans
Civil War veterans — Image by Steve Brandon from Pixabay

Civil War history enthusiasts state that more than 40,000 Canadian combatants fought in the “War Between the States”. Military experts believe it was more like half that number. Some 5000 Canadians are known to have perished in battle. Twenty nine Canadian born soldiers received the Congressional Medal of Honor for their contributions to the Union war effort. The composer of the Canadian national anthem, Calixa Lavallée, fought for the Union in the 4th Rhode Island infantry regiment.

Most Canadian Civil War combatants fought for the Union but as many as a thousand volunteered for the Confederacy. As Canada was part…


Or is it something more?

Photo by Rene Böhmer on Unsplash

If you haven’t read Larry Cornet’s How the Creator Economy Is Taking over the World, add it to your reading list. It’s the best macroeconomic survey of the creator economy I’ve seen yet. It provides a comprehensive overview of the platforms that make up the creator’s galaxy, peppered with enough Horatio Alger stories to whet your entrepreneurial hunger.

As I read it, my mind raced. I felt it challenging me to up my game, think bigger and embrace this new universe. There is a beautiful logic to it that provides an elegant counterbalance to a…

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Magazine Rack
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Post Weird Survival Guide

If you’re coming out of a seeking phase where you were experimenting with your sexual identity, dressing in goth or blotting out entire years in a haze of drugs and booze, you’ve come to the right place. Your transition to normalcy starts here. Give your hands a few minutes to stop shaking before you type.

Change Your Underwear, Change Your Life

You don’t have to be a copywriter for an undergarment company to enjoy this one. Sometimes the little things in life like clean ginch against your privates deserves its own twelve minute read. …


Whose victims go uncounted in Covid 19 statistics

Empty Outdoor cafe
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

As the world ventures toward immunity and normalcy or a reasonable facsimile thereof, we are frequently hit with statistical milestones. Numbers of cases, doses, Covid deaths, outbreaks and vaccines scroll across our TVs and computer screens. From this we are to brace for prolonged restrictions or entertain hopes of a return to social interaction.

There is much political finger pointing in ever country in an attempt to score points. We hear that incumbent politicians and parties have dropped the ball, endangering lives which can only be saved by voting in the opposition…

Short fiction

Photo by Karl Martin Sætren on Unsplash

Henry waited for Lyle at his cubicle while he locked his drawers. There had been a few petty thefts in the Statistics Canada building in the last month and no one was taking any chances.

They had started together twenty years ago in Data Collection. Henry went to IT in the eighties and Lyle pursued a path in Economic Research

Rhys found a table in the cafeteria next to Henry and Lyle and took his seat. He looked over until he got eye contact with both men.

“Guys, did I tell you I saw Frank Caldwell?” Rhys asked.

“Really! Where?!”…

I feel relieved and refreshed reading this. For us to see the truth, big illusory dominoes have to fall.

We now know that Hollywood is a den of perverts, Wall Street is a den of thieves, Washington DC is a den of demagogues and Silicon Valley is a den of sociopaths.

As these truths permeate broader society, I believe there will be a cultural enlightenment. Simultaneously, as society unravels the larger injustices of institutional racism, we could be on the verge of a great epiphany.

There will be a day when we stop keeping up with the Jones' and invite them over for a BBQ instead.

One of Rock’s undiscovered treasures

Photo by Pao Edu on Unsplash

Every music lover has an artist they feel is unjustly denied their due in fame and recognition. One they feel a strident sense of injustice about. The great unsung artist must be an outsider to pop culture who could walk down the street unrecognized.

When a fan adopts the cause of such an artist into their musical affections, they become evangelical, preaching to all in earshot that “their” artist is an undiscovered musical messiah. For me, that artist is Marshall Crenshaw.

Crenshaw emerged in the early eighties and due to timing was lumped in with New Wave. Crenshaw’s musical style…

That I don’t see now

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When navigating Medium, I make frequent and copious use of adding articles to my reading list. This was especially helpful as a new member learning how to write and submit articles to publications. I still have “how to’ Medium articles stored there from when I first joined.

I make frequent use of this feature when reading articles about other platforms. I am always curious about opportunities to diversify my writing income that I can investigate later. Same with information about writing contests and paying markets to publish your work.

As a frequent user of the reading list feature, I am…


En route to your goals

crowded sidewalk
Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

In one of my first efforts at busting out of an occupational rut, I was a sales rep for a firm where I had to develop my own leads. Our initial step in getting company sanction to go out in the field unaccompanied was to complete the required number of trainee sales with a sales manager.

I had a good list of prospects and plenty of energy and chutzpah to go out and complete these transactions. My people and telephone skills are strong and was certain I would breeze through my trainee sales in short order on my way to…


A life of contradiction and controversy amid military service

Robert E Lee and Traveler — Courtesy James Demers on Pixabay

The statue of Robert E. Lee representing the Commonwealth of Virginia was removed from the US Capitol building in the last days of 2020. In its place, a statue of African American Civil Rights activist Barbara Rose Johns was erected. Statues of Robert E. Lee and other Confederate leaders have been removed in public spaces throughout the USA by the exercise of democratic expression or mob led riots.

Confederate symbols have become flashpoints in American culture wars as they have been weaponized to signify racist elements within the alt-right political movement as well as racially motivated mass murderers like Charleston…

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