Success as Mount Everest

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Western life is one of continuous aspiration for material betterment. We are fed a constant buffet of stories and imagery of people who have “made it”. From the side hustlers to the garage entrepreneurs like Michael Dell, we are bombarded with stories of those who have reached a state of…

Internalizing media as a working creator

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I’ve been on Medium now for over a year. Despite my best efforts, I don’t have any pithy advice about how you can ratchet up your blogging income. I have largely written about things that interest me and that selfishness has not garnered an income bearing audience. Take whatever lesson…

Lord Jeffery Amherst advocated for genocide of indigenous people

Amherst, NY courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Numerous cities and towns in Canada and the US are named after the controversial historical figure of Lord Jeffery Amherst. Towns bearing his name dot maps in the states of Virginia, Massachusetts, Ohio, and New Hampshire and in the Canadian provinces of Québec and Nova Scotia. Amherst is a major…

His hand in team relocations begs the question

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones — courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Dallas Cowboy fans know Jerry Jones as the egotistically meddlesome owner who has driven their once-proud franchise into the ditch of mediocrity. But Jerry’s reach doesn’t end with his own team. Despite his squandering of the Cowboy’s on-field legacy, he has had considerable influence on NFL business affairs. His lobbying…

Constant change makes for uncertainty

border crossing
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The last change in the algorithm sent shockwaves through the Medium world. Suddenly, luminaries like Shannon Ashley, Tim Denning, Zulie Rane and Tom Kuegler saw their views and incomes slashed by up to seventy five percent. The very people who were showing us that it could be done were having…

Apparently something requiring explanation

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I am much mocked by friends and family alike for having a George Costanza wallet. I seem to go through wallets quite quickly as a result my abusively overstuffing them. They tend to get filled until they explode in a blizzard of coins, credit cards, and receipts. Afterward, nothing is…

So much time, so little reward

computer workstation
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After over a year on the platform, there is an aspect of Medium that still defies my understanding. Why would anyone work as an unpaid editor? Since the algorithm change that substantially lowered writer incomes, it is even more astounding to me that people would continue in this unpaid capacity…

And I’m just fine with that

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Disclaimer: the writer has made so much money from heeding all the great advice on Medium, he didn’t bother to pursue any affiliate relationship with the companies in the enclosed links. :-)

As a football junkie, I came to learn of the trivia website Sporcle while on a Buffalo Bills…

Time to shut these tropes down, fast and hard

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In the spirit of Christine Stevens’ classic post “Can We Please Stop Saying “Can We Please Stop?” I’m bringing the cudgel down on these overused article tropes. The pencil-in-mouth girl wrote me to say these are beyond stale.

Humility is my name, don’t wear it out

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As the pandemic rages on, my thoughts turn to how I can make a difference in the lives of others. The loneliness and mental health toll casts as long a shadow as the disease itself. Fears are that we will have to relearn how to relate to one another in…

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