The new variant makes men desire older women

Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron
Brigitte Macron and Emmanuel Macron — Wikimedia Commons

It takes a singular effort and a focused mind to find a silver lining in a pandemic. Sometimes that silver lining takes the form of the side effect of a medication or disease. …

Latin Americans say ¡no, gracias! to Latinx

Alto- Stop sign in Spanish
Photo by Florida-Guidebook.com on Unsplash

Every belief system has its zealotry whether political, religious, or ideological. Among Wokism’s is the assumption of moral righteousness. This righteousness has led to the lumping of all non-white newcomers to the west into categories of victimhood. This assignment of victimhood status is imposed without consultation.

For the woke, there…

Transferring assigned rights and other tactics

vinyl record
Photo by Steve Harvey on Unsplash

Rock and roll history is strewn with examples of artists whose careers were put in limbo by trying to get out of recording contracts. Sometimes these circumstances have little or nothing to do with the record company in question. Band member relations can disintegrate personally and artistically.

Having read biographies…

Stuart Grant

disparate parts coalescing toward a greater meaning in the pursuit of a fully realized life

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